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A Project is pre planned under taking of related activities to attain an objective. This project was undertaken at Porus Technologies, Chennai has been Providing Products and service related to software industry .it offers a wide range of software services to customers in domestic and overseas
The efficiency of the organization has to be determined every year so that the organization would be in the position to improve their efforts in the next year, this study would help the organization to take corrective efforts in the right way at the right time .If the operations of a company are to run smoothly, a proper relationship between fixed capital and current capital has to be maintained. Sufficiently liquidity is important and must be achieved and maintained to provide that funds to pay off obligation as they arise of mature, the adequacy of cash and other current assets to gather with their efficient handling, virtually determine the survival or demise of the company.a.Businessman should be able to judge the accurate requirement of working capital and should be quick enough to raise the required funds to finance the working capital needs.
All organization has to carry working capital in one form or the other. the efficient management of working capital is important from the point of view of both liquidity and profitability. poor management of working capital means that funds are un necessarily tied up in idle assets hence reducing liquidity and also reducing the ability to invest in productive assets such as plant and machinery, so affecting the profitability
It is worth mentoring that a firm should have neither excess nor inadequate of working capital as both the phenomena of over capitalization and under capitalization of working capital generate adverse effects on the profitability and liquidity of the concerned firm. The effective working capital necessitates careful handling of current assets to ensure short term liquidity and solvency of the business.

This Project mainly deals with the financial Performance of the firm as well as working capital analysis. The Statistical tools also have been used in this project, the details Procedures of which have been explained of which have been explained in the consecutive section of this Project

Company Profile

About us
Porus Technologies is a software solution provider with a vision to develop Enterprise Information Systems (EIS) with a specific approach on the customer focus and need. Started with a professional approach to problem identification, analysis and solving, the team has also widened the scope of activities from Web based projects to Smart card solutions for enterprises.
Porus Technologies has the means and aspirations to become a leader in the IT Industry. It is presently into development, and also as services provider. Porus Technologies has its own sourcing unit and placement cells.
Be part of a global organization where you can serve some of the biggest and most prestigious brands in the market. Work with world-class teams to tackle new challenges every day. Take your career to where you want it to go. We are the centre of excellence for the business as we support existing technologies, pioneer new leading edge technologies and provide business services to make the Porus Technologies experience better, simpler and cheaper.
This unique IT + Business Services model provides a diverse growth opportunity and a variety of assignments across management, leading IT areas and customer service to its growing team of professionals.
Porus Technologies’ Business Risk Services can show you how leading companies effectively manage risk to protect the value they have built-because we help them do it. Porus Technologies' Business Risk Services offers a suite of strategic, outsourcing, and industry-focused operational services that help companies around the world evaluate and enhance their internal process and risk management functions.
No matter where in the world you are located, there are two things you can count on from the services you receive from Porus Technologies’ high professional standards and the ability to deliver quality services..
While the reason for our existence is articulated by our Mission, reflects an aspiration to continually improve, to excel and be the best. Our values characterize us as an organization and guide our every action. The values which includes: Integrity and honesty, Ownership, accountability and result orientation, Customer centricity, Cost and profit consciousness, Transparency, Flexibility, Teamwork, Enthusiasm, Fostering innovation/change, Social consciousness. To help customers achieve their business objectives by providing innovative, best-in-class consulting.
Porus Technologies offers expert consulting and mentoring to supplement and help guide your team. We specialize in hard-to-find object technology, web development and process skills, and we can provide a range of professionals, from seasoned developers to critical senior resources with years of real-world experience and accomplishments.
Our innovative staffing solutions are tailored to enable organizations meet the challenges of today's fast changing business environment. We work closely with clients to identify, engage, train and retain successful people that organizations would  need to create success stories. Our consultants are highly skilled and well versed in particular industry sectors and job categories enabling them to have a profound understanding of the assignments.
At Porus Technologies, people are our business. We have a talent pool, which is ready to take up assignments as per client requirements. Our ability to precisely understand the client requirements and the speed at which we deliver committed results along with our high ethical standards of work have contributed to the building of our reputation as the most trusted HR Services Company in India today
Information Technology Consulting
Porus Technologies specializes in providing technology experts to fill key roles that make a difference on your critical software projects. Porus Technologies’ consultants specialize in advanced technologies in the areas of Unified Process and Unified Modeling Language, Usability, Strategy and Management, Process, Requirements, Architecture, Programming, Quality Assurance and Tools.
Porus Technologies consultants are Highest quality, with skills and expertise equivalent the best and brightest in the industry Lower cost than consultants provided through higher-overhead operations.

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